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Holport is a special design factory located in Holesovice. The building dates back to 1911 when it was built for the production of metal goods. Since its opening in 2000, Holport has been the place in the Czech Republic and Prague for premier and innovative design goods. Holport boasts an array of design brands including Artemide, Design Bath, Konsepti, Lasvit, and the Italian Biblioteca del Vino wine shop. The building has been reconstructed numerous times in the past and now showcases an intriguing end product that combines a historic factory with modern elements making it the perfect setting for the sale of innovative and modern furniture, décor and more. The 2,200 m2 attractive space not only features individual layouts for each specific company but also terraces, parking, vegetation and wonderful views of the city, all overlook by a looming and renovated smokestack. The cutting edge portfolios of design elements at Holport are for furnishing spaces from offices, to hotels, cafes, restaurants, homes and public buildings. At the design factory you can find for such spaces international design furniture, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, flooring materials, doors, lighting, shading equipment, interior textiles, wallpaper, accessories and decorations. It is also interesting to note that Holport is not only a design factory but is also an educational space, Designškola. This design school often plays host to exhibitions by students and international and domestic designers, architects, and graphic designers, fashion shows, book and product launches and installations. The design factory is renowned for its original parties and installations, which very often combine different aspects of different design fields, ensuring that wide ranges of interests are met.

Komunardů 32, Praha 7, www.holport.com 


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