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The de.fakto studio in the center of Prague was founded in 2001. It is led by architects Martin Sladký and Filip Hejzlar and consists of a team of architects, civil engineers and interior designers who have participated in dozens of projects and implementations of both private and public buildings. This Prague design studio works with large and smaller scale construction projects as well as interior design for residential, office and public spaces. De.fakto features an unique showroom in the royal quarter of Vinohrady, presenting premium design space where you can find unique and high quality furniture and lighting from the de.fakto brand and other brands (such as Brühl and Prostoria) that you will cherish for many generations to come. The unique and innovative furniture and décor pieces are manufactured from modern and unconventional materials that are constantly being developed. If you wish to see some of de.fakto’s commercial interiors you can visit Pietro Filipi, Quiksilver, Katr and Figo restaurants, Bikeclinic store, etc., all of which are in Prague. Successfully finished projects include Villa Verde in Prague, Villa na Malvazinkách, the Setec Company building, and more.

Vinohradská 283 / 52, Praha 2, +420 224 233 815, 


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