Gravelli | Concrete Table
Gravelli | Zephyr Garden Furniture
Gravelli | Trio of Concrete Tables
Gravelli | Smooth Garden Bench
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Gravelli | Tube Light with Colorful Cords
Gravelli | Concrete Jewelry
Gravelli | Globes Lights
Gravelli | Concrete Benches
Gravelli | Concrete Bowls
Gravelli | Design Concrete Rings
Gravelli | Concrete Wash Basin
Gravelli | Concrete Audio Speakers
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Gravelli creates design concrete items that include kitchen tables, sleek desks, chairs and benches (perfect for public and residential space), an array of interesting lighting fixtures, beautiful smooth wash basins, home accessories including stacking and fruit bowls, design speakers, concrete jewelry for the fashion trendsetters, and more. If you are in need of a custom-made bar, countertop, wash basin, etc. Gravelli is able to create, thanks to the high quality concrete mixture FixCrete®, bespoke moulds that can be technically adjusted and treated – meaning that they can make components of almost any shape, size and color, specifically for you. This dynamically evolving young brand is the brainchild of founders Jiří Peters & Ladislav Eberl, whose mission it is to show concrete as a material that is both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and practical, and can be used to create a variety of gorgeous design items. The main designer at Gravelli, Tomáš Vacek, sees concrete as a very specific material with a strong character; he states “Concrete is, in many ways, an extraordinary material with a strong character. I have exactly the same notion about the people that are not afraid of accepting it.” Gravelli has been nominated for several design awards including the Czech Grand Design Award in 2012 and 2013.This design-forward brand provides complete design services, from custom design to installation. Visit the Gravelli showroom today in Prague 9 or at the Innex store in Prague 3 and witness the magic and modernity of the design material that is concrete.  

Pod Harfou 3, Praha 9, +420 737 427 491. Innex: Přemyslovská 2845/43, Praha 3, +420 244 404 304.


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