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Gorgeous traditional English furniture, hand-painted silk wallpapers that will have you longing for exotic world travel, and rich embroidered textiles – all this and more can be found at Silkwood in Prague. The Silkwood showroom, located in the center of Prague's New Town, just off of bustling Vodičkova Street stocks an amazing array of beautiful interior design items that will transform your home and add instant English charm and timeless beauty. The furniture itself is modeled after traditional period furniture and is a harmonious combination of elegance and utmost comfort and luxury. The furniture offer at Silkwood includes a variety of different shaped sofas and armchairs upholstered in the most delicate of fine silk velvets; these pieces are simply showstoppers and will be the talk and delight of any room in which they are the centerpiece. The high quality of craftsmanship ensures that these breathtaking pieces can be handed down from generation to generation. Should you wish to change the look of your house or flat with rich wallpapers, Silkwood offers a gorgeous selection of the finest wallpapers available. The hand-painted silk wallpapers on offer at Silkwood are inspired by grand English country estates and feature a variety of flora and fauna, exotic cherry blossoms and bamboo that will simply transport you to another time and place, and fabulous Indian countryside scenes with elephants, mahouts and architectural wonders. If you are in need of textiles for drapery or furniture, Silkwood offers the finest hand-embroidered silks and velvets, decorated with semiprecious stones, patinated gold and silver ornaments. Furthermore, Silkwood employs architects and interior designers who will work closely with you in order to create a unique interior, the interior of your dreams - ensuring that you will cherish every minute spent in it for many years to come.

V Jámě 1, Praha 1, + 420 222 222 249, 


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