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Functional and aesthetically pleasing shading solutions are an important aspect of a quality interior. It is this often neglected area which is the focus of INNEX, a company selling quality shading technologies, pelmets, wallpapers as well as other interior accessories and offers a wide array of related services, such as designing and implementing blinds, color-synchronization and sewing of decorative curtains, pelmet installation, building-in of outside blinds, delivery of marquees or parasols and completing terraces with outside furniture, heating and other accessories which you are sure to appreciate in the moments of leisure. You can find out more about their products and services at their showroom in Prague, situated at the Flora crossroads, or in their pop-up shop located on the second floor of the iconic Kotva Department Store. The well-organized team of professionals at this showroom will offer you expert assistance picking out products suitable for your interior or exterior and will be happy to design a customized interior solution tailored to your needs, take care of its implementation as well as of the follow-up service. The INNEX offer includes interior shading technologies ranging from Venetian blinds, roller blinds, movable fabric panels and pleats all the way to special shading solutions, providing a functional combination of more products in one (e.g., roller-Venetian blinds, silhouettes etc.), and exterior shading technologies, such as outside roller-blinds or Venetian blinds and textile blinds (including the ZipScreen roller blinds made by Romo from a special fabric which reflects heat but lets enough light through). INNEX's offer is complete with marquees and pergolas perfect for balconies (e.g. from Markilux), resistant outside furniture from the Belgium Manutti brand, curtains, drapes and wallpaper made out of fabrics from many world-renowned brands (Romo, Villa Nova, Drapilux, Sahco, Ulf Moritz, Christian Lacroix, Ralph Lauren etc.), stylish textile decoration or sitting sets and armchairs from the Swedish SITIS brand. INNEX puts emphasis on individual approach and aims to create an environment tailored to the wishes and needs of each and every customer.

Main showroom: Přemyslovská 2845/43, Praha 3, +420 244 404 304,; pop-up showroom: Kotva Department Store, 2nd Floor, nám. Republiky 8, Praha 1.


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