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Attractive leather sofas and chairs, unique wallpaper from famous designers, rich upholstery fabric for furniture, expert interior design advice – all this and more can be found at Orsei. The Orsei design studio, located in Prague 7 offers high quality home products from international designers and interior design assistance. This reputable company is well-known for its long-standing relationships with satisfied clients – at Orsei they believe that clients are co-creators of their own interiors, not just paying clients, ensuring that everyone is happy all around. It is for this reason that Orsei can boast so many successful outcomes of design interiors. It is also of interest to note that Orsei has in-house designers and craftsmen, making prices more attractive. At Orsei you can find stylish fabric and leather furniture – essential in any modern living room, a wide range of beautiful wallpapers and upholstery ranging from traditional to contemporary, high quality curtains and drapes for every interior's color scheme, a large selection of carpets, and attractive home decor such as candle holders and flower planters. Orsei is dedicated to interior design – to see for yourself, pay a visit to their Prague showroom and enter the exciting world of home interiors!

U Uranie 954/18, Praha 7, +420 777 765 613, 777 764 632, www.orsei.cz  


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