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Head to Butlers today if you are in need of attractive design goods for your home. Your home is your very own personal sanctuary – why not fill it with items that you love? Surround yourself and your loved ones with inspirational objects chosen with style and comfort in mind by the best interior designer you know – yourself. Fill every room of your house, be it the kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom or even an outdoor space with an array of furniture, decorations, equipment, and more from Butlers! Your dwelling place should be one that is happy and tranquil; if there is one place where everything should be perfect, it's your home, a place where you can truly enjoy your free time with family and friends, and a place where you can be yourself and let your true colors shine. Butlers is a great place for home design inspiration, and is also a great place to find gifts for friends, especially cooking enthusiasts and lovers of interior design. Butlers history dates back to 1829 when it operated as Josten, a store that provided household goods such as chinaware and pots to customers. Flash forward to 1999 and family members of Josten open a Butlers store in the city of Cologne. Now with stores worldwide, Butlers appeal is widely known. Butlers first opened its Czech store in 2012 and Praguers were and still are happy with the home goods selection – for too long the only player in the field of affordable interior design had been Ikea. Butlers presents a fresh selection of beautiful interior design goods for all. Pay a visit to Butlers today and fill your home with beautiful furniture and decor. Happy decorating!

Atrium Flóra: Vinohradská 2828/151, Praha 3, +420 777 751 005. Chodov: Roztylská 2321/19, Praha 4, +420 777 751 132. www.butlers.cz 


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