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IKEA was founded in 1943 in Sweden and since then has managed to dominate the world of home and garden decor, opening its stores in 39 countries, which reflects its extraordinary popularity and quality of services offered. The first IKEA store in the Czech Republic opened in 1991 in Prague (in the DBK shopping center at the Budějovická metro station). There are four shops in the Czech Republic at the moment with two of them in Prague. The basic philosophy of IKEA is to sell designer furniture at low and affordable prices to the public. To achieve this objective, the customer has to assemble the purchased furniture at home by him or herself. This saves on both the company's expenditures on the assembly of individual pieces of furniture and the cost of the transport, which is positively reflected in the final product price. All of the furniture is designed by IKEA's own designers and manufactured in its home factories. In 2005, IKEA asked forty unknown designers to create new products that would not only meet the standards of low cost and easy transportation but would also bring something new to the brand. Some of the products helped IKEA to reach new heights and become part of the encyclopedia of contemporary design. You might for example know the Vallo Watering Can designed by Monika Mulder or the Thomas Sandell Sofa from 1999. With goods purchased in IKEA you can easily equip an apartment or a house up to the smallest detail. The offer of furniture and accessories is very wide from inexpensive to luxury goods. IKEA also offers consultancy, services, various services related to housing, children's playground, a Swedish specialty shop and a restaurant with a great selection of meals at low prices, including their world famous Swedish Meatballs.

Chlumecká ul. 10/664, Praha 9 - Černý Most; Skandinávská 1, Praha 5 – Zličín, www.ikea.com


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