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Interior textile design is the main business activity of the design studio Inspire-decor, located in Prague's Vinohrady. Inspire-decor sews drapes, curtains, furniture covers and sheets, tablecloths and does many other things connected with textile design. You can have, for example, curtains in the style of Japanese minimalism, French luxury curtains or rather classical Czech curtains made here. You can purchase fabrics and home textiles from a range of suppliers from all of Europe in the studio – from Italian, German, English, Polish and many other companies. The studio's range of goods involves linen, cotton, polyester and viscose fabrics, string curtains, as well as fabrics from genuine silk. All fabrics can be purchased in meters or by rolls. You can choose from traditional and classical patterns or fabrics of modern designs, from reasonably priced fabrics to luxury embroidered silk. Curtain rods and rails of all classical models, aluminium systems, as well as modern curtain rods by European designers produced from all types of materials can be purchased at Inspire-decor. Inspire-decor's home designers will come to your home in order to measure your interior and design curtains that will match the shape and size of your windows, proportions of the room, its interior and purpose of use. A real trend recently has been Roman blinds as they perfectly match any modern or classical interior. Also Japanese sliding panel blinds that can be used as a window decoration or a space divider have become very popular, as they are practical and their individual panels are easily replaceable. All that and much more can be found at Inspire-decor.

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