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Create an affordable dream home with! is headed by interior designer Renata Papai, a Czech designer who studied at the Design School (Design Skola) of Prague and has years of professional experience in the world of interior design. Renata Papai decorates and designs spaces taking inspiration from Scandinavian style and coastal style living and ties them together to create a unique urban yet country style of living. As her inspiration comes from Scandinavian and coastal styles you can expect color palettes dealing with crisp whites and nautical blues, which create classic, clean, airy, spacious and neutral spaces. Of course, Papai is not afraid of using other colors in her approach to interior design, which is exactly why each and every project is unique and different as she wishes to create spaces that reflect individual personalities. Papai believes that interior design is something that can be accomplished by every budget, not just for high society, which is why she focuses on high quality items that are affordable and easy to find on the market. If you wish to redo your existing interiors or are starting from scratch do not hesitate to contact Renata Papai, an interior designer who believes in creating a home space specifically for you to enjoy for many years to come.

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