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If you are going to furnish your apartment, home or office, but are not quite sure where to start, contact the experts at the Intermezzo interior design studio. Intermezzo will guide you step by step through the entire process of interior design and they will smooth out an otherwise rough process for you. At Intermezzo interior studio they will closely consult with you to best determine your requirements and wishes, then they will create an initial concept and color design for your interior and discuss the arrangement of your furniture. After that they will supply samples of decorative fabrics, design custom-made furniture and of course supervise the whole installation process. However, you can also contact Intermezzo when you need a one-off interior decoration, for example for a family celebration, Christmas, a party for children, or other special occasion requiring special design. If you are going to decorate your interior on your own, Intermezzo offers consultation and will discuss your concepts and ideas with you, while you remain the main creator of the whole interior. Intermezzo puts great emphasis on details and craftsmanship and has a certified network of reliable craftsmen. If you wish for a deeper understanding of interior design, you can apply to study at Intermezzo's Interior Design School which was founded by the owner of the studio. Here you will find more about new trends in housing, decorating and arrangement. You can attend short-term or long-term courses depending on your availability and professional goals.

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