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Martina Schultes

Modern interiors designed by Martina Schultes excel in their distinctive atmosphere and matchless energy. Martina Schultes has dedicated herself to designing interiors since her studies in the United States and since acquiring her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design degree in 2004. Her interior design work includes designs and implementations of interiors of apartments, family houses, residences, sample apartments in residential projects, as well as public spaces, such as the interior design of the Jewel cafe bar and lounge in Prague 1 and the reconstruction of the former U Klenotníka Hotel into the Jewel design boutique hotel in the same location. With similar reconstruction projects Martina Schultes respects the genius loci of the given space in which she sensitively combines modern design and custom-made original elements that will only shift the new interior to new dimensions. When creating an interior Martina Schultes cooperates closely with its owners, so that the resulting interior corresponds as much as possible to their ideas both from the functional and esthetic point of view. Martina Schultes' long-term passion for interior design has brought Martina wide attention and her implementations have been published by a lot of media sources. Her portfolio includes comprehensive services from the design of the concept of a given space, over project documentation, architectural study of interior, visualizations to the interior realization itself including the selection of certified supplier companies and craftsmen. If you are looking for unique and high quality work, do not hesitate to contact her.

Slezská 134, Praha 3, +(420) 774 514 051,


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