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Variété Design | Prague
Variété Design | Prague
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Variété Design

Variété Design is a progressive studio focusing on the areas of interior design and implementation, home and commercial staging, space planning and graphic design. It concentrates mainly on commercial clients for whom it creates interiors perfectly reflecting and corresponding to the individual philosophy and corporate identity of each company. Variété Design achieves this aim by a unique synergy of interior and graphic design, thanks to which it creates comprehensive interior designs and designs also printed materials, logos, business cards, graphic manuals and more. Besides interiors of offices, stores, hotels, representative spaces, restaurants and cafes, guesthouses or bars, it also creates interior design for interesting residential projects. The specialty of the studio is its emphasis on the so-called organic design, that is projecting buildings and interiors that are in harmony with the basic rules creating exterior space. For this purpose the studio closely cooperates with Michael Rice, an Irish expert on bioarchitecture that has had more than 12 years of experience in the field. Buildings and interiors created according to these natural principles resonate with their inhabitants and fully cooperate with the exterior environment. They are built from natural materials, such as wood, stone, earthen plaster, natural resin and the like. The team of Variété Design is comprised of experienced professionals specialized in areas of interior design, graphic design and construction projects, which makes it possible to provide a comprehensive service according to customers' individual needs no matter to what extent their order is. The Variété Design studio also operates the Všude Dobře online store offering quality interior accessories and textiles, such as linen, carpets, blankets and wallpapers for children.

Šeříková 4, Praha 5, +420 734 825 305,,


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