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Karina Uhlíková's SmartSTAGING Company offers its clients professional services in interior design and home staging. The real estate market is currently flooded with a huge amount of properties for rent and sale and selling or renting a property can consequently become a long-term matter that can even lead to the reduction of the property price. In order to avoid this situation we recommend using the home staging and garden staging services offered by the SmartSTAGING Company, thanks to which you will easily and quickly find an interested client for your home. The desired effects are achieved through the professional reorganization of furniture, the selection and use of color-coordinated accessories, the use of interior lighting effects to better highlight and show off the desired space, and the removal of the personal effects of the current residents to better advertise the space and show it at its very best. In the area of interior design SmartSTAGING offers the design and implementation services for interior spaces, commercial and residential interior restyling and redesign, as well as expert advice on color selection, and professional photo shooting. The offered services also include architectural and reconstruction projects. The color coordination of your home or office interior, the selection of materials, space organization and the placement of furniture are all planned and achieved through a close cooperation between the interior designer and you, so that the result will exactly match your wishes and requirements. With SmartSTAGING you can always depend on being treated with maximum care and an individual and professional approach in the area of interior design and home staging.

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