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If you can't help thinking that the interior of your house or flat is just not quite all you'd like it to be and are not sure what to do about it, the perfect solution for you is the interior designer and consultant Jitka Kobzova and her company Home Staging. Having worked in Kuwait, Dubai and Great Britain, Jitka Kobzova has extensive international experience in the field of interior design and is more than willing to share these experiences with you. Kobzova with her company Home Staging will be delighted to help you with design adjustments of both residential and commercial interiors and offers also interior consultancy as well as the so called 'home-staging' - a service consisting in adjustments of the interior of a property to be sold or rented out. Thanks to home staging, whose principles are based on scientific research of the psychology of the buyers, the likelihood of a quick sale or renting of the property increases a great deal as do the chances of selling the property at a higher price. When it comes to design projects and their realizations, the company puts great emphasis on close cooperation with the client whose ideas and requirements are taken very seriously. In order for the company representatives to be able to get to know the client's vision the whole cooperation has a form of informal meetings at which the client picks and chooses whatever projects or materials best fit his vision. If you feel that Home Staging's services might be useful for you, feel free to use the below given contact information and arrange the first unbinding meeting (completely free of charge). Thanks to services of the Home Staging Company, your home is sure to have brand new charm.

U Měšťanského pivpvaru 6, Praha 7, +420 739 698 743, www.homestaging.cz


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