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Eden Bathroom Studio

If you are planning on redoing your old bathroom or are simply starting from scratch you can count on Eden Bathroom Studio, a popular bathroom design studio located in Prague 10 – Vršovice. If you love to pamper yourself then the bathroom is naturally one of the places you will tend to spend a lot of your time, making it an important space that deserves special design attention. It order to make the most of a space it is necessary to work with a bathroom design specialist and at Eden Bathroom Studio you will most certainly not be disappointed as the experts work especially hard to meet all of your demands and expectations, guaranteeing that you will have an attractive, functional space that your will love for years to come. Cooperation with the Prague Eden Bathroom Studio starts by meeting with a company representative who will - in cooperation with you - suggest the optimal use of your bathroom's space, based on a plan of your bathroom or on measurements made by the employees of the studio. The resulting proposal will be turned into a computer visualization in order for you to see what the finished space will look like. The final phase of cooperation with the Eden Bathroom Studio is the realization of the design done by experienced craftsmen. At the showroom in Prague 10 and on the user-friendly website you can see all of the quality materials used, bathroom cabinets, equipment and more.

Sevastopolská 16, Praha 10, +420 271 741 616, www.eden-koupelny.cz 


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