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Los Kachlos | Bathroom
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Los Kachlos | Prague
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Los Kachlos

A wide range of wall and floor tiles from stylish Spanish brands can be found in a varied range of products offered by the Czech company Los Kachlos, in operation since the mid-1990s. Los Kachlos is an exclusive distributor of thirteen Spanish brands of wall and floor tiles on the Czech market that are characteristic of excellent quality and varied design and that set trends in this sector. Los Kachlos's products include also primary brands of sanitary products, bathroom accessories and bathroom furniture. Further, Los Karlos offers construction services and custom production of furniture and kitchens. The company can provide comprehensive services from consultancy to installation if you are in need. Los Kachlos is a reliable partner of architectural studios, construction and design firms. Los Kachlos's stores can be found in Prague's Karlín, Brno, Zlin, Uherské Hradiště and Bratislava. On the company’s website you can find tips and recommendations regarding bathroom equipment and a complete and interesting offer of Spanish wall and floor tiles.

Koupelny PRAHA – Karlín: Thámova 13, Praha 8, +420 602 557 448, www.loskachlos.cz


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