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Add a fourth dimension to your home or office interior with an art print of an original motif created by a Czech artist for JustArt! JustArt's offer contains neither overpriced pieces nor cheap kitsch – they are original graphic motifs and reproductions printed on cotton canvas, posters, photographs on high-quality paper or kapa board, photo pictures under acrylic glass and wallpapers that will satisfy even the most choosy person, perhaps one who has been postponing investment into a more expensive work of art for financial or other reasons. Every print is signed with the JustArt logo and the number of the print is always marked on the back side of each picture, the originality of which is guaranteed by an enclosed authenticity certificate. Pictures sure to attract your attention can be viewed on the JustArt website in virtual interiors, where you can fill in the colors of your walls and furnishings so that you can be sure that the given picture will truly match your interior style. If you still have doubts, you can send a photo of your room to JustArt and within a week you will get a visualization with the selected picture. All products are created and hand-packed in the Czech Republic. If you did not find what you were looking for in JustArt's wide offer of products, or if you would be interested in a larger order – for example for your corporate space, hotel, waiting room, or restaurant – contact JustArt with a request for an individual solution. What is more, the JustArt company specializes in large-scale wall paintings, which will enhance every residential or commercial interior. In case you would like to organize a special event for your employees and get a unique piece of art in the common space or meeting room of your company, company workshops organized by JustArt are an ideal choice. During the workshops, all of which are adjusted so they would meet the requirements of the company, the employees work together and create a large wall painting in common space or meeting room of the company.

Hana Kocmanová, +420 605 700 561, www.justart.cz 


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