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Designer self-adhesive Clocker wall clocks by the Atypa graphic studio present a very unique and original modern accessory for your interior. Self-adhesive wall clocks are an ideal home décor element for your apartment, and are perfect for gift-giving as a fun alternative to a boring housewarming gift. The clock consists of a quality Quartz clock, a design clock face in black or white, and wall stickers made of vinyl and available in a wide range of motifs and colors. Stickers are easy to apply and are gentle to the surface of the wall – perfect for those who are renting or who like to change their décor often. If you are not sure whether a selected design will match with your home or office interior, you can take a picture of your wall and send it, together with the dimensions of the wall, to the graphic studio. The studio will then create a free visualization for you that will make your decision a snap. If you do not want to choose from the current offer of some 50 motifs, you can also ask Atypa to design something original just for you. Self-adhesive Clocker clocks can serve as a great decor for your living room or children’s room, office, classroom, or other interiors. Detailed instructions on how to apply the Clocker clock to the wall and how to treat the wall before the application is available on the Clocker website. You can see the design Clocker clocks in person in Atypa’s showroom in Prague 8, or order them online and have them delivered straight to your home or office by Czech post. 

Showroom: Studio Atypa, Eledrova 728/7, Praha 8, 


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