Němec - Luxury Surfaces
Němec - Luxury Surfaces
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Němec - Luxury Surfaces | Luxury bathroom
Němec - Luxury Surfaces | Vertical Gardens
Němec - Luxury Surfaces | Prague | Patented Technologies
Němec - Luxury Surfaces | Prague | Vertical Gardens

Němec – Luxury Surfaces

If you want to imprint the character of stylishness and timelessness on your apartment, house, office of retail space, have a look at the offer of the Němec – Luxury Surfaces Company which has been creating modern luxury surfaces both in the Czech Republic and abroad. When creating its impressive surfaces, the company uses commonly available as well as its own technologies and materials. Its offer therefore features popular technologies such as those from the ArmourCoat Company (e.g. Travertine, Granite, Perlata Pitted and Smooth), Pandomo technology or Venetian stucco. Among the technologies developed by Němec – Luxury Surfaces itself are, among others, Concrete Imitation, Betonepox, Betonepox Fine and Betonepox Soft. The company keeps on perfecting these patented technologies so that the result surpasses the clients' expectations when it comes to its beauty and elegance. Němec – Luxury Surfaces also specializes in installing original spiral staircases which are sure to stylishly decorate your apartment, house or office, as well as in creating original vertical gardens which will bring lush greenery into your interior and which are simply stunning in combination with the simple beauty of modern office buildings. You can get a clear idea of the width of the company's offer in its showroom located in Prague 4 or at the below mentioned website. If you are dreaming of an elegant and exceptional interior, contact Němec – Luxury Surfaces, the company which will be delighted to turn your dream into reality. 

Showroom: V Štíhlách 2031/12, Praha 4, 142 00, +420 776 778 767 (Radovan Najman, business manager), najman@luxusnipovrchy.cz, www.luxusnipovrchy.cz


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