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Dušan Křivský | Yellow Landscape
Dušan Křivský | Pastel Seascape
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Dušan Křivský

If you are looking to purchase a piece of original art work – have a look at the colorful oil paintings created by Dušan Křivský. These lovely paintings are a perfect addition to any interior and range in theme from soft romantic seascapes and lush rolling landscapes to bold paintings of wildlife. These simple and direct paintings are not pretentious or hard to understand like some strange contemporary art pieces; they are paintings of attractive natural settings and the life found in such settings – his painting are, simply put, real... yet still feature allegories to be found by the viewer. Křivský has a varied education when it comes to the arts – not only does he paint, he is also educated in glass blowing as well as decorating and designing interior spaces; it is his passion for painting though that rings true above all. Křivský studied at the Secondary School of Arts and Crafts in Světlá nad Sázavou (1988-1992), at a figure painting course by academical painter Karel Matějček in Prague (2001, and at AVU Prague (2004) where he honed his painting skills at a summer course of drawing and painting; he has had solo art exhibitions in Prague, various locations in the Czech Republic, Bali, and Singapore. His exploration of the world through an artist's eye and a painter's stroke brings to us, luckily, a collection of intriguing color-filled canvases that are full of liveliness and the human emotion of pure happiness. Should you be in the market for an original oil painting that will fill your office or home space with a nice setting or animal, color, light and above all, positive energy, Dušan Křivský is the artist for you. Simply have a look at his user-friendly multi-lingual website and be whimsically pulled into the happy colorful world of artistic representation.  

dk-art@seznam.cz, +420 733 738 072, www.dk-art.cz




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