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If you are in the market for a unique piece of art to grace the walls of your house or office, turn to Delast Design. The wall décor used in your own personal space speaks many words – about who you are, where you have been, and where you are going. With Delast you can purchase an original handmade wall map of the world that will capture the attention of all who visit your home or office. This Czech company makes timeless, elegant wall maps of the world that are constructed meticulously by hand from the highest quality materials. These eye-catching maps will impress visitors at your house or potential clients in your office – show off where you have been in your travels, or where your company has branches around the world. The handmade maps come in two varieties that make up the Delast Collection – Oakland (oak with metal continents + basic set of magnets) and Lake Louise (glass with metal continents + basic set of magnets). If you wish for something a bit more specific, Delast is happy to work with stylish clients to create bespoke maps - perfect for individuals with excellent taste in design - these maps give you the freedom to express yourself. The originality of the attractive maps by Delast enables these products to become worth more than just their material value, ensuring that you are purchasing an item that could become a family heirloom.

Furthermore, Delast creates and offers gorgeous handmade tables that are grouped into two collections, Rebus and Flumine. The Rebus collection consists of sophisticated yet raw tables made out of sleek concrete, metal and glass; interior accessories are also available. The Flumine collection boasts unique tables created from pure and natural, beautiful wood; these handsome pieces feature the unmistakable beauty of nature itself. Have a look on Delast's user-friendly website for further information regarding ordering, bespoke maps, bespoke furniture pieces, services, references, contacts, and more.

Pod Pekarnami 162/9, Praha 9, +420 775 921 992, +420 721 256 569,  


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