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If you are thinking about changing your home by refreshing it with a modern, distinctive style, have a look at the Decent Art e-shop, offering authentic design wallpaper, furniture and various interior accessories from limited editions. The wallpaper, designed by artist Dagmar Lukešová, comprise easy application with an artistic look and the newest high quality materials – there is no doubt your interior will benefit from them. You can choose from a wide range of patterns, inspired by flora, fauna and industrial design, and use the wallpaper as a decorative element, which will complete a pleasant exceptional atmosphere, or as the main visual motif of your home, hotel rooms, restaurant, cafe, meeting room, or any other commercial space. Thanks to individual production, there is a possibility to adjust the size and color shade of the wallpaper according to your wishes. What is more, if you order any of the original wallpaper, it will be delivered to your front door within a week. Besides wallpaper, the Decent Art e-shop offers limited editions of interior accessories, such as lighting, pillows and decoration, original design furniture, decorative paintings, clothing and jewelry. Moreover, you should not miss their selection of authentic vintage pieces. In case you are renovating, improving or implementing a new interior, you can entrust it to the interior designers of the Decent Art company. They will take care of the interior concept design, preparation of the project documentation and the implementation itself. The new interior of your home or commercial space will, thanks to the attitude of the company, based on a long-term cooperation and mutual understanding, match your expectations and wishes. It will reflect your own lifestyle and character. Plus, you will save precious time and avoid the inevitable process and complications, connected with every construction. Whether you are looking for a particular design piece to enliven your interior or someone who will help you with an interior renovation, have a look at the Decent Art website. 

decentart@decentart.com, www.decentart.cz, +420 725 632 977  


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