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Specialized in luxury decorative paint, micro concrete, and oxidation effects, as well as moldings and other elements, Alpreli turns stylish interiors into even more compelling ones. As the exclusive distributor of several premium Italian brands, Alpreli focuses on the sale of products, expert consultancy, and the appliance or installment of the products directly at the customer’s desired location. Alpreli’s portfolio of interior and exterior work includes private apartments, houses, and large residential projects, alongside a large number of commercial structures ranging from restaurants, opulent casinos, and bars to hotels, chateaus, and administrative buildings. Decorative colors and surfaces offered by this company are perfectly fitted for royally adorned, classically elegant as well as modern minimalist interiors. Besides their attractive appearance, these premium surfaces boast an array of other benefits – they can last for decades, are environmentally friendly, durable, wear-resistant, and washable. What is more, the products they offer can be applied onto various surfaces including wood, metal, or plastic. Along with premium colors & surfaces, Alpreli offers other elements with which you can add some style and glamour to your home, office, hotel, or any other place. Among these elements are luxurious moldings designed and produced by the Belgian company ORAC NV. These decorative, yet utterly functional moldings can easily be combined into the most beautiful shape and color variations and will charm all lovers of decorative and fancy interiors. Also worth mentioning are their luxury interior fragrances by the Italian brand Locherber Milano, whose main philosophy is that the scent – whether a bad or a good one – of a space is what leaves the strongest impression on its inhabitants. That is why Locherber Milano fragrances offer top-quality perfumes made from purely natural, rare ingredients. The Alpreli company operates both in the Czech Republic and abroad. 

U Mlýnského kanálu 687/5, Praha 8 – Karlín, +420 604 999 999, 


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