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If you wish to change the overall look of your home and do not want to bother with a time-consuming or expensive reconstruction project, why not try wall decals and wallpapers from Sofistick? Sofistick offers a wide variety of charming wall decals and wallpapers that can be purchased on their convenient online shop, and from time to time at design expositions. The designers at Sofistick will be happy to create original vinyl wall decals for each and every client if nothing strikes your fancy on the company’s website. It is highly unlikely though, as the variety of wall decals and wallpapers is quite extensive and includes just about everything you could wish for – flora and fauna including flowering trees and origami birds, abstract patterns, whimsical themes for children and much more. What’s more, the patterns are available in a wide range of colors and shades and sizes (ranging in size from 30 x 35 cm up to 120 x 144 cm) as well, ensuring that you will find the perfect design solution for a blank wall in your home or office. If you pay attention to design trends and like to switch things up quite often in your home or office, do not fret for the wall decals from Sofistick are easy to peel off the wall without damaging the paint or wall. It is also important to note that the sticker material is breathable so you do not have to worry about mold appearing underneath. At Sofistick you will receive your order within a few days and then you can begin the radical change of your interior from plain and boring to new, charming and unique!


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