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Are you searching for unique, and down-right creative wall decals? If so look no further than FUGU! Wall decals, or wall stickers are a simple way to spice up your home or office and are both easy to install and take down when you want something a bit different, and are equally affordable. At the Prague-based FUGU you will find a wide range of patterns and motifs including suitable decals for every room in your apartment or office, and a variety of sizes, ensuring that there is something for everyone. If you would like to commission FUGU to create a unique design for you, or if you already have a design of your own, FUGU will be happy to make wall stickers according to your design wishes – simply send them photos of the specific space and they will create a visualization. As soon as you approve the visualization your sticker will be created in no time at all. If you so wish, the expert graphic and interior designers at FUGU can pay a visit with you in your space to further consult design and size issues should you be indecisive. If you wish to decorate your home with a favorite poem or song, wall decals need not be only images of animals, flowers, or avant-garde designs as texts can be prepared as stickers as well. Wall decals can be applied to sides of furniture, closets, laptops and more, making them not only wall art but object art as well! FUGU wall stickers can be purchased at the company’s convenient e-shop and can either be delivered or picked up in person.  

Pickup location: Nepomucká 7, Praha 5, +420 777 609 922, www.fugu.cz


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