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Tapety Metro Florenc

If you are looking for an attractive and original way to change the interior of your home in little to no time at all, why not consider design wallpapers or photo wallpapers? A simple addition of beautiful design wallpapers, wall decals, or photo wallpapers will make your home look and feel both unique and fresh, and all in an affordable manner. If you are wish to change your home from boring to exciting and new, one of the best places to find gorgeous design wallpapers in Prague has to be Tapety Metro Florenc. This exciting wallpaper store has over 5,000 different patterns by reputable wallpaper brands such as A.S. Création, Rasch and Marburg, as well as Komar photo wallpapers. If you happen to feel overwhelmed due to the sheer number of patterns on offer at this Prague wallpaper store, do not fret for the experienced staff members will be happy to give you professional advice concerning wallpaper and papering and assist you in choosing what will fit best in your interior. It is worth mentioning that the store has a special touch screen where you can see how chosen wallpapers from A.S. Création look in a given interior, from several different perspectives. If the idea of wallpapering a room in your home is too much for your design eye, you can also purchase self-adhesive wall décor by Crearreda and self-adhesive foils for decorating surfaces by Gekkofix. If you are looking to decorate a room for a child, Tapety Metro Florenc offers a wide selection of wallpapers that feature whimsical characters from fairy tales and comics. If you are in the market to do something different and unique to the interior of your home and do not want to spend a lot of time and money on a big project, design wallpapers are the way to go!  

Vestibule of the Florenc metro station (C line), Praha 8, +420 222 623 563, www.tapetymetroflorenc.cz


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