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Color Design

Founded in 2007 in Prague, the Color Design studio offers a fine array of home textiles, upholstery, wall hangings, wallpaper and more – and their implementation in private and public spaces. Color Design specializes in residential projects for individuals who long for high craftsmanship and artistic quality when it comes to interior design. This successful young company is constantly searching out the best suppliers and manufacturers across Europe; it is interesting to note that they do not only focus on known and big name brands, but also traditional manufacturers and small craft workshops that use exclusive materials and techniques. This creative company was co-founded by MgA. Jana Medková - creative director of the studio, who graduated from UMPRUM in Prague – the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design and then proceeded to participate in several international internships and prestigious competitions as a fashion designer. Medková's designs appeared on the front pages of many leading magazines. Her experience in the field of design and decor was gained not only during a working stay in the United States, but also as working as fashion director and stylist for magazines such as Decor Dolce Vita and Elle. Her strengths when it comes to attention to detail, current trends in fashion and design, traditional crafts, and perfect implementation have made Color Design what it is today. Whether you are looking for fine textiles for your windows (their offer also includes atypical hand crafted poles and rails for curtains), upholstery for chairs, fine bedding, etc.), rich patterned wallpaper, or premium carpets, turn to Color Design.  

V Jirchářích 8, Praha 1, +420 777 174 579, +420 602 696 556, 


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