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At FORTEL DESIGN you can choose from a wide range of mosaics or create the mosaic of your dreams for your home (as a floor or wall decoration) or for a special garden area, or you can opt for letting the professionals design a custom-made mosaic just for you. The art of mosaic dates back 4,000 years and has never experienced a low point as civilizations continue to be captured by the personalized beauty and value that mosaics give your home or business. FORTEL DESIGN features mosaics made from different elements including glass, ceramic, wood and stone. If you prefer a more iridescent mosaic then the glass tile materials are the best bet, while the ceramic tiles are handcrafted and feature a myriad of pretty and hypnotizing colors. The wooden mosaics are unique and beautiful, with the ability to change colors and deepen over the years. Stone mosaics are beautiful when combined and are the perfect decorations to add to your summer garden or winter garden. As an extra-added beauty bonus, you can have the stone mosaics made into a fresco-like wall decoration for any room of your house. If you wish to increase the value and overall beauty of your house, then contact FORTEL DESIGN, a mosaic design company that is ready to make all of your colorful dreams come true. Fortel Design showcases only the best materials in many colorful varieties including glass with bits of 14kt gold, Swarovski crystal tiles, metal tiles, quality stone including granite, teak wood, tiny tiles and much more. The supply is impressive and you will be pleasantly surprised by all of the colorful and textured options. Fortel Design boasts of the capacity to supply all of its material in a short time, as the majority of its products are stored in sufficient amounts in warehouses throughout Europe. At the Žluté lázně recreational center in Prague FORTEL DESIGN features a showroom of outdoor flooring. There is a presentation of more than 55 samples of outdoor flooring that are part of the local walking zone, as well as a smaller selection of grit and pebbles. Inside the adjoining La Festa restaurant you can find a mosaic decorated bar and other areas. 

Žluté Lázně showroom: Podolské nábřeží 3/1184, Praha 4, +420 773 696 699,,


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