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Svítidla Delta Light | Prague

Svítidla Delta Light

Light fixtures by Delta Light, a brand represented in the Czech Republic since 2005 by the company Light Czech s.r.o., are considered top quality throughout the world. In the Prague showroom in Nusle you can choose from more than 2,500 products including interior and exterior lighting. Experts will advise you on the selection of suitable lights so that they fulfill not only esthetic, but also technical requirements. The online catalog of Svítidla Delta Light is divided into sections depending on what kind of space you need to shed light on: apartment or house lighting, commercial or store lighting, exterior lighting, LED lights, restaurant lighting, or even specialty lighting for your gallery, hotel or office. You can also see particular installations in the pictures and have a better idea of what kind of lighting will be the most suitable for your particular space. If you want to leave the quality of lighting to experienced professionals, do not hesitate to contact Svítidla Delta Light lighting studio.

Vlastislavova 11, Praha 4, +420 241 740 775,


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