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Artemide Showroom Praha

Artemide creates design lighting that is of most excellent design and technical quality. Artemide lamps have gained and continue to gain well-deserved respect in the field of design and technology all over the world. This can be proven not only by the inclusion of a number of Artemide lighting systems to the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and winning of a number of prestigious international awards such as Compasso d'Oro, Reddot Design Award, Observeur du Design or Haus Industrieform, but also by the names of the best contemporary designers and architects among Artemide lamps designers. This company constantly enriches the design lighting market with new trends, technology and materials. The collection of lighting includes renowned interior lighting, the classic Artemide Collezioni collection - handmade glass lamps, plus Artemide Architectural lighting systems and Nord Light outdoor lighting. Professional service awaits at Artemide that includes lighting layouts, professional consultation, and reliable installation. Pay a visit to the Artemide lighting showroom today in the center of Prague.

Artemide Showroom Praha, Lightborn s.r.o., Myslíkova 9, 120 00, Praha 1. Tel: +420 222 937 856, Mobil: +420 731 803 115, +420 605 240 574 Email: Web:, Fb:


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