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Located in the industrial-turned-design studio haven of Holešovice is the ultra hip Bulb studio. Bulb specializes in design lighting as well as furniture from some of the best producers in the world of design today. At Bulb’s showroom you will see beautiful creations from designers such as Tom Dixon, Louis Poulsen, Foscarini, Patricia Urquiola & Flos, Moooi, and more. Lighting is an important aspect of interiors and exteriors as lighting can evoke feelings of comfort, safety and intimacy, all the while shaping our moods – giving the space a certain ambience. It is for these reasons why lighting should not be overlooked in your home or office as the influence of light holds great power. Bulb is aware of the extreme importance of light and is happy to design lighting projects exclusively for their clients, whether it be just one simple light or for a whole comprehensive setting. Bulb places emphasis on every little detail down to the color and intensity of the lighting, the lighting design, and compatibility with the setting. Seeking perfection in clients’ interiors and exteriors Bulb cooperates with reputable, sought after Czech designers and architects, however clients’ wishes are always at the forefront of a lighting project.  

Jankovcova 49, Praha 7, +420 220 805 410, www.bulb.cz 


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