Design Studio Horák

Design Studio Horák creates interior and exterior objects that are produced only in small series and hand-made primarily by its founder, the architect and designer Bohuslav Horák. Boda Horák founded the brand in 1991 and two years later he started cooperating with the German distribution company Anthologie Quartett, thanks to which his design objects have reached virtually every corner of the world. Design Studio Horák designs lighting elements and lamps, interior and exterior furniture, glass objects, mirrors and other interior accessories. The biggest successes to date have been the Stromek design coat rack from 1998, the Stéla glass from 1999, the Kýč mirror from 1995, and the Pupeny chair from the following year. The Zahrada garden bench by Design Studio Horák was auctioned at the famous Christies Auction House in New York in 2009. Boda Horák is a graduate in architecture and interior design at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. His work has appeared at many exhibitions in renowned galleries all over the world, and has been published in many prestigious magazines and art books. His objects are represented both in museums and private art collections. In 2012 Boda Horák and sculptor and glass designer Vladimíra Klumpar founded the M.O.M brand (My Object Muses), under which they create glass lighting elements. Design items by Design Studio Horák and M.O.M can be purchased in quality Prague design shops and internet shops, as mentioned below this article. Outside of the Czech Republic they are available through the distribution network of Anthologie Quartett.

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