Visit Lightworks today and witness a wide variety of beautiful designer lighting – the lighting at Lightworks is an ideal combination of design, functionality and optimum lighting the lamp produces for a space. It is important for Lightworks that the lighting produced and sold is not created purely for design, but that every little detail that is part of a floor lamp, ceiling fixture, etc., has a function. It is interesting to note that their chosen name, Lightworks, gives them a certain commitment... it also shows that they are many light-years ahead! The Lightworks brand prides itself on the creation of lighting that combines tradition and function; the designs found there are combination of youth and indigenous, respected values. They love the curiosity of upcoming generations (designers who continuously push forward), while respecting the skills of experienced designers. Each year, Lightworks expands their range of design lighting with several new designs; their wish is that their collection offering a modern interpretation of everyday lighting will attract and inspire buyers and fans.  

Vlastislavova 11, Praha 4, +420 737 400 632, +420 724 130 466, 

Address: Vlastislavova 11, Praha 4

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