Radost FX - CD Shop & DVD Rental | Prague

Radost FX - CD Shop & DVD Rental

Located in New Town in the bustling area of IP Pavlova is Radost, a cultural complex where the hip beautiful crowd spends their days and nights. Radost features one of the most popular clubs in Prague, a café and lounge famous for their vegetarian fare, an art gallery and a spacious CD shop with video/DVD rental. The CD and video/DVD rental shop is extremely popular with Czechs and expats alike as it features a wide selection of foreign and independent films plus cult classics and is one of the best supplied music shops in Prague offering a wide selection of dance, alternative, hip hop, jazz and ethnic music. The combination of unique hard to find music and film titles together with a comfortable atmosphere and friendly service has kept this special shop open for years and will keep it steady as one of the main fixtures on the Prague cultural scene for many years to come. The annual membership fee is for Radost is 100 CZK. DVDs are 50 CZK per day and from Monday through Thursday you can rent a second DVD for only 10 CZK. DVDs rented on Friday or Saturday can be returned on Monday at no extra cost. If you wish to kick it Old School, VHS tapes are available for 40 CZK per day and 3 tapes for only 80 CZK per day.

Bělehradská 120, Praha 2, +420 224 252 741, www.radost-cdvideo.cz




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