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Dance Perfect Studio

Located on Narodni Street, a thoroughfare steeped in Czech history that features many important buildings such as the National Theater, is the Dance Perfect Studio. This dynamic dance center presents a wide variety of exciting dance courses for children and adults alike which will enable a healthy physical and mental lifestyle and will especially enrich the development of natural activity in children, plus boast appreciation of movement and music. The Dance Perfect Studio features three spacious air-conditioned rooms complete with full-length mirrors so one can marvel at the beauty and ability of bodies in motion as well as work on a perfect technique, in addition to a reception area and a bar. Whether you are a beginner, a regular dance enthusiast, or a professional dancer, Dance Perfect Studio is happy to accommodate with top professionally-trained dance instructors ready to make you move. The extensive list of dance and fitness classes for adults includes ballet, Ashtanga yoga, flamenco, hip hop, Latin dance, callanetics (suitable during pregnancy and for low-impact exercise), Pilates, modern jazz, power yoga, samba, salsa, street dance, zumba, ballroom dance, modern dance, and much more. The list of children’s classes include ballet, hip hop, junior street dance, modern dance, break dance, body conditioning, video dance, zumba... the list goes on and on! Current dance schedules are available online in English and Czech. The dance courses run for six months from September to January and from February to June, however you are welcome to join anytime for a reduced fee.

Národní 25, Praha 1, +420 221 085 260, 


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