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The Sushi Bar

The first and best sushi restaurant in the Czech Republic! Located next door to the Seefood Shop, this small restaurant has been serving freshly prepared sushi of all varieties since 1999. The interior is simple and carefully designed. A wooden floor and pale golden walls give the small room a feeling of spaciousness complemented by light. The sushi selection is first-rate by Central European standards and includes Nigiri, Maki, Temaki and Sashimi sushi, plus an exclusive selection of Maki such as the Yasai Tsukemono Maki- Burdock root, marinated cabbage, marinated yellow radish, fresh chives and marinated eggplant and the Furai Ebi Maki- lettuce, shrimp and chive all fried in tempura batter. Besides sushi, the menu also includes a number of mouthwatering salads including a great seaweed salad (Wakame Sarada seaweed salad with cucumber and dressing) and a fresh avocado and tuna salad (Maguro Avocado), fish dishes and a variety of soups. The staff is very professional and the atmosphere inside is a welcome contrast to the surrounding neighborhood of classical buildings. The Sushi Bar is an excellent choice for sophisticated dining. If you wish to purchase fresh fish to take home, have a look at Seefood Shop.

Zborovská 49, Praha 5, +420 603 244 882,


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