Klub DVD | Prague

Klub DVD

Located in residential Prague 10 is Klub DVD, a well-stocked store featuring a large selection of international titles on DVDs, CDs and Blu-Ray discs, with multiple copies of new releases. The conveniently located Klub DVD features many special offers such as: eighth DVD rental is free for one day, long weekend rate of an extra 10 CZK if you wish to keep a DVD from Friday until Monday, 5-20% discount for regular customers and a 9 p.m. return time for all discs. To make disc rental all the more easy and convenient you can check the availability of desired titles online. Klub DVD replies to the online reservation with an SMS confirmation so you can be sure your select title is reserved for you only. Klub DVD also offers inexpensive DVDs for sale if you feel like adding to your home cinema collection.

Donská 126, Praha 10, +420 605 445 627, www.dvdrental.cz


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