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One of the best independent movie theaters in Prague is conveniently located in the middle of town, off of the famous Wenceslas Square. Svetozor offers an art house atmosphere with comfortable seats, inexpensive tickets, a bar with WI-FI access, and most importantly, cool movies. Sometimes mainstream, mostly not, Svetozor shows lesser-known independent movies from all over the world and the beloved classics longed for every once and a while, and Czech movies with English subtitles. Friendly staff, perfect location, and an impressive movie schedule make Svetozor the place to see a good movie or meet cool people beforehand in the hip bar. Svetozor offers comfortable seating in a large and a smaller theater. The ticket prices at Svetozor tend to be somewhat lower than at multiplex cinemas and what's more, you hang out in a cooler atmosphere, all the while supporting an independent art house theater. Every Monday Svetozor shows interesting documentaries in the presence of their creators and also transmits live HD Met performances from the Metropolitan Opera in New York according to their schedule. The theater also offers discounted movies during the day. Various film festivals often take place in Svetozor as well. Inside the Svetozor Cinema complex there is a cool shop called Terry Posters where you will find everything dealing with movies including fiction, DVDs, clothes, original posters, poster exhibitions and more. The original poster collection is extensive, with Czechoslovakian movie posters spanning from 1930-1989.

Vodičkova 41, Praha 1, +420 224 946 824,


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