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Lucerna is the oldest operating cinema in all of Europe having celebrated its 100-year anniversary in December of 2009, and features a gorgeous interior with elements of the Art Nouveau and neo Renaissance movements. Situated in the Lucerna Passage, it is quite possibly the most romantic place in Prague to see a film, saying that, it is a good spot for a movie date. Lucerna is the premier theater for central European and Czech films, the place for avant-garde film festivals and also runs weekly film festivals focusing on one grand personality in the acting field or one national cinematography (such as The Days of Bulgarian FiIm). Every year in March the theater participates in the One World documentary movie festival focusing on human rights issues. The cinema offers regular matinees with the possibility of a discount for seniors. What's more, every cinema ticket for the Lucerna cinema provides you with a 20% discount for the adjacent Lucerna Café. Lucerna is the premier place to see a good film in a beautiful historic cinema, especially if the film is a period piece.

Vodičkova 36, Praha 1,


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