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Ponrepo-Bio Konvikt | Cinema Entrance
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Ponrepo-Bio Konvikt

Ponrepo-Bio Konvikt is a wonderful theater that shows vintage and non-commercial movies from around the world, as well as Czech classics with English subtitles; Ponrepo is also home to the National Film Archive. This theater is a club theater, which means you have to purchase an annual card to enter; the price is 150kc per year, or 100kc if you are a student or senior. If you long to step back in time, head to the Ponrepo Bio Konvikt. The theater is housed in the historic Bio Konvikt, originally a medieval refectory that has a varied history; a history that includes the theater being one of the main cultural centers in Prague at the end of the 18th century well into the 19th century. The cultural center held concerts, balls and theater performances. During this time many great foreign musicians and composers performed at the Konvikt Hall including Beethoven and Wagner. In modern times Prague inhabitants started to frequent the theater as it was converted to a popular cinema. The theater has been completely renovated and presents its former beauty gracefully.

Bartolomějská 11, Praha 1, +420 778 522 708, www.nfa.cz


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