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Kino Atlas | Art House Cinema
Kino Atlas | Art House Cinema | Lounge Area
Kino Atlas | Art House Cinema | Red Hallway

Kino Atlas

Located in the bustling Prague district of Florenc is Kino Atlas, an intimate art house cinema in the center of the gorgeous city of Prague. Kino Atlas has two air-conditioned screening halls, one spacious (Dolby Digital) and one intimate (Dolby Stereo Sound System SR) with both of them featuring modern cinema technology in a more comfortable setting than a large multiplex cinema. Kino Atlas is also proud to feature mirror projection technology, unique in the Czech Republic in the smaller screening hall. Kino Atlas has a hip café and lounge where you can meet and greet local cinema aficionados before or after a film. Kino Atlas is a sound choice for a cool art house cinema in the city center of Prague.  

Sokolovská 1, Praha 8, +420 222 312 737, 


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