Horoměřice Veterinary Clinic - MVDr. Herčík

The family Veterinary Clinic of MVDr. Herčík in Horoměřice, with its excellent reputation and long tradition, is not only popular among breeders from Prague but also those from distant parts of the Czech Republic. The highly professional attitude of the staff members and the pleasant atmosphere of the clinic are appreciated not only by the pet owners, but also by the animal patients themselves. The clinic includes, among other things three modern emergency rooms, two excellently equipped operating rooms, a new modern reception area and a specialized pet store. The variety of services offered is full-range and includes everything from the normal preventive medicine to complex and neurological surgery. Before visiting the clinic, the section “Useful advice" on the clinic's website is worth checking. It will surely help you decide whether it is necessary in your situation to visit the clinic and how fast and urgent it actually is. This advice is precious as you may find out that you have to visit the vet sooner than expected and as quickly as possible to protect your furry friend. The veterinary clinic is designed not only for animal patients, but also for their owners. Therefore, you can buy high-quality animal food and pet toys in an attractive pet store and after that have a seat at one of the comfortable sofas and simply have a little rest. If you are an animal lover, or if you are looking for a perfect present for someone, do not miss the book by MVDr. Jan Herčík and Alena Hrachovcová, an engaging read that talks about how human and animal coexistence is both beautiful and difficult at the same time.

Velvarská 24, Horoměřice, Praha - Západ, + 420 220 971 236, www.vetclinic.cz 

Address: Velvarská 24, 252 62, Horoměřice Praha

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