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VIP Pets – the First Five Star Dog Hotel & Kindergarten

In case you are short on time taking care of your beloved pet, yet want the best care for them, take a look at the services of the VIP Pets complex, a first-class dog hotel and Kindergarten. This luxurious dog resort, located just 20 minutes away from Prague, offers interiors with a comfortable, unique design, outdoor dog runs, a representative cynology hall and also well-experienced, friendly professionals. You can choose from two different services – your best fur friend can be housed in the dog hotel or attend the dog school. The first option is ideal for those who consider going on a vacation or those who are busy for a longer period of time. The VIP Pets hotel will accommodate your doggie in one of the 33 uniquely furnished rooms with special comfortable dog beds, carpets, bowls and toys. The hotel also features an all-day program for the dog clients, which includes up to 8 hours (depends on weather) of activities in the outdoor part of the complex, the 3 indoor play halls with dog toys & climbers and in the fully equipped, insulated cynology hall. Thanks to the special facilities for dog dancing, obedience courses and agility, the hall is perfectly suitable for events such as seminars, company events, club exhibitions and workshops and is therefore available to rent. If you are short on time quite regularly, you will surely appreciate the possibility of the daycare in the VIP Pets dog school / kindergarten. The doggies attending the school have the same outdoor and indoor space (except the hotel rooms) and a various daily program from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at their disposal. Whether you decide to give a chance to the dog hotel or the kindergarten, your beloved pets will enjoy a great time spent in a group of dogs, which will have a positive affect on the process of socialization – it is a well known fact that the well-socialized dogs get along with other ones without any problems and have a great relationship with people. Several parts of the VIP Pets dog resort are equipped with cameras. Thanks to that, you can watch your doggie from all around the world. The VIP Pets complex offers not only luxurious outdoor and indoor space but also a great team of professional people, who have an abundance of experience and will take care of the dog guests with the utmost care. VIP Pets also runs VIP Cats, a five star hotel for cats

Studeněves 13, Kladno, + 420 702 071 681 (from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.),, 


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