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If you worry about the health of your pet and do not know who to turn to, take your beloved family friend to the Anima Veterinary Clinic. With two locations in Prague 5 – Smíchov and Barrandov, your pet will undoubtedly be in good hands. Anima offers a modern and professional approach in a nice and pleasant environment, with high-quality appliances and equipment, which allows the veterinarians to perform a wide array of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures directly at the clinic without your pet having to travel to other facilities. The services offered include the following areas: Preventive medicine such as vaccination, de-worming, examinations before travel or pet shows, ultrasound tartar removal, advice for breeders, tagging of animals (under the auspices of the City of Prague) and tattooing, Dermatology, Internal medicine, Gynecology and obstetrics, Orthopedics, Surgery, Neurology, Laboratory exams, guidance pertaining to the nutrition of dogs and cats plus many other fields. Anima offers its clients and their pets a pleasant and clean setting, in order for them to feel comfortable and for their animals to experience minimal stress. While in the waiting room, you can enjoy music, watch the calming aquarium or read various magazines. To shorten the waiting time you can make an appointment in advance by phone, complicated surgery must be booked in advance. 

Anima Smíchov: Arbesovo Náměstí 1064/3, Praha 5, +420 251 511 500. Anima Barrandov: Voskovcova 1130/30, Praha 5, +420 251 512 941, 


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