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The Animal Clinic in Bílá Hora opened its doors in 2003 and ever since has had a steady flow of furry family pets grace its halls. The Bílá Hora Animal Clinic specializes in orthopedics including the treatment of fractures, growth deformities, dysplasia and more as well as spinal surgery, oncology and soft tissue surgery. The clinic also performs endoscopies, ultrasounds (power and color Doppler) and X rays plus provides hospitalization for intensive and surgical animal patients. Physiotherapy including laser and magnetotherapy and aqua therapy in a special swimming pool also takes place at the Animal Clinic in Bílá Hora. This modern veterinary medical center upholds western standards and provides the best services possible to your furry family friends. The Animal Clinic has professional and internationally experienced staff members, who are ready to help you with all your animal needs. More information including doctor and nurse biographies is available on the user-friendly website.

Čistovická 413/44, Praha 6, +420 235 322 829, 


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