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Veterinarian MVDr. Řehák

Located in Prague 7 in the residential area of Holesovice, is the office of MVDr. Miroslav Řehák, a well-known Prague vet that can help with all of your petcare needs. The veterinarian sees such animals as dogs, cats, tropical birds, ferrets, reptiles, rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, turtles and more. Prague Veterinarian Dr. Řehák provides complex services including preventative care (prevention of internal parasites – roundworms, ringworms, etc. and external parasites – fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, etc.), vaccinations for animals (including rabies, myxomatosis, etc.), checking of blood and EKG tests for elderly animals and more. Surgeries are performed by appointment; injuries or childbirth are of course treated as emergencies. At the office of Veterinarian Řehák one can also focus on the removal of tartar from their pet’s teeth done by ultrasound, which makes the procedure effective and gentle and done under general anesthesia. It is important to mantain clean teeth and gums for the overall health of your best animal friend. Animal tagging is also performed here; a microchip or legible tattoo is a must if you wish to travel abroad with your pet. Pet food and toys can purchased there as well. To make matters easier for clients, the comprehensive website of Veterinary Dr. Řehák offers information about animals, when they should have vaccinations and more.  

Janovského 9, Praha 7, + 420 266 712 151, +420 724 192 022, www.volny.cz/rehak.vet, www.vetrehak.cz


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