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Vetnemo - Libuš Veterinary Hospital

The Libuš Veterinary Hospital in Prague 4 is the place where professional doctors provide their patients with complex care at the highest level of veterinary medicine, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Do not hesitate to contact Vetnemo with all your animal needs, whether you are an owner of a dog, cat, small mammal or reptile. Thanks to high-standard equipment and professional doctors, Vetnemo offers a wide range of services including preventive medicine including vaccinations, de-worming and examinations before travel or pet shows, ultrasound tartar removal, advice for breeders, tagging of animals and tattooing, plus specialized diagnostics and veterinary treatment. Moreover, Vetnemo specializes in dermatological diagnostics. In case of animals which cannot be treated as outpatients, hospitalization at the Vetnemo premises is possible as well. Hospitalized animals are under constant supervision of doctors and nurses while you are updated about necessary health information by phone; you can also of course visit your pet. To make the appointment enjoyable and calm right from the beginning, there is an ordering system in place that ensures the shortest possible waiting time and enough space for the control of your pet at the same time. The hospital is located in a nice house with a garden that animal patients will certainly enjoy visiting, as well as their owners.

Na Šejdru 45, Praha 4, +420 244 470 704, +420 602 458 185, 


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