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Since 2003, Panda Veterinary Clinic has been located in the quiet neighborhood of Vinohrady in between Riegrovy Sady and the Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord. Its comprehensive services include prevention, vaccination and surgeries at all levels. At the clinic they treat not only the most common pets such as dogs, cats, and rabbits, but also reptiles and exotic birds. Panda Clinic is equipped with professional appliances and its team consists of veterinarians with long-term professional practice who draw from experience acquired abroad, especially in Germany and Austria. Panda Veterinary Clinic is clean and comfortable and always busy with furry creatures, proof that people return time and time again. As a client myself with my two giant lop rabbits, I can state that all of the doctors at Panda Animal Clinic speak some English and are also very good and informative about my furry friends, which is an extra-added plus as rabbit are more commonly enjoyed with a side of dumplings in this country than as loving pets. The prices are reasonable and walk-ins are accepted.


Krkonosska 8, Praha 2, +420 222 725 345, 


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