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If you are planning a vacation or business trip and need someone to take care of your precious pet, contact Agentura Zoo Service. What separates Agentura Zoo Service from the competition is that the company will visit your home, ensuring that your pet will not have to leave its comfort zone while you are away. Agentura Zoo Service will walk, feed and play with your dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster or any other pet while you are absent. It is a well-known fact that animals do not respond well to change, so why upset your furry family member by taking them to a pet hotel or a friend’s house? Agentura Zoo Service will first meet with you and your pet in order to get to know their habits and needs. Agentura Zoo Service provides complex pet care in Prague and in Prague’s close environs upon agreement. The company will gladly take your pet to the vet or any other service if you wish as they do their best to meet the needs of the most demanding client. Agentura Zoo Service requires that dogs have mandatory rabies vaccinations before agreeing to visit them. For further information regarding prices and more, please visit the user-friendly website.  

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